How knowing your “Why,” can help you to stop procrastinating, and find you the motivation you need tackle your To-Do List.


The other day, I caught myself saying something very important, “In order for me to want to get things done, I have to be excited about them.” When I said this aloud, it became an “Aha” moment for me. It made me realize that I truly only focus on certain things, and the reason I focus on those certain things, is because I know “why” they excite me, and how they relate specifically to my goals.

Not everything we do as business owners, or goal getters, is going to excite us. The key to finding that excitement, and actually getting the not so exciting things done, is to directly tie them to how they will relate to your why. By reverse engineering the task at hand, I have been accomplishing more, and getting things done, in a much more timely manner.

For example, creating social media graphics is not my favorite thing to do. I often put it off for too long, and miss out on opportunities to share with my clients our current promotions, and upcoming events, before it is too late. By relating this task to my why, I have never been more excited to create graphics, and get them out into social media land. Here’s how I reverse engineer it:

  1. Think of your top 3 goals for the year, aka your banner goals, (you can read more about those HERE.)
  2. Pick one of your 3 goals (if not multiple) that you can achieve faster, if you just do the dreaded task at hand.
  3. Break down, in your head, or on paper, how it will EXACTLY help you reach your goal faster.
  4. Make the decision whether or not it is worth it or not, to complete the task, based off how much it will move you closer to your banner goal, or directly affect your bottom line for the year.

For example:
In my last blog, I mentioned that one of my top 3 banner goals for the year is to increase our clientele by 150, or increase our monthly income by $10,000/month. Knowing exactly why I want this additional $10,000/month, and how creating social media graphics are specifically going to help me reach this goal, is now my key to moving forward. Simply saying I want an additional $10,000/month is not enough motivation; however, knowing what an additional $10,000/month could do for me and my business, is where the magic really happens!

Here, give it a try! What could an extra $10,000/month do for you? Don’t be vague, be specific! Perhaps it could help you to afford more help in your business, and take an extra day or two off throughout the week? Perhaps it will allow you to take an additional vacation each year? Buy the car of your dreams? Give your employees a generous raise or bonus to show your appreciation? Perhaps expand your business? There are so many things that you could do with the extra income, but until you assign it a “why,” the motivation is pointless. It is only a wish.

Now … to tie this back in, force yourself to think of these things when you feel like procrastinating. Don’t just think of ten thousand dollars, think about what you can do with the ten thousand dollars. When you have given it some thought, and you are now excited about reaching your goals, go ahead and ask yourself …

  1. Should I Procrastinate? or….
  2. Should I just do what I need to do, to help me reach my goal?

Moving forward … Recognize what tasks you procrastinate on, and then …

  1. Ask yourself how they can help you reach your goals,
  2. Ask what your goals can do for you if accomplished, and …
  3. Excite yourself over the connection.

Heres to 2018, reaching your goals, and doing more to move your business.




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